The Programmer’s Dilemma

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Intro: Your small programming company is working with a famous video game corporation to do the coding on their latest game. The CEO of the video game company pays you a surprise visit to explain that they need to move up the deadline for the project – by a lot! The CEO promises that if your team can finish the project in time there will be more major contracts in the future.

Choose your team leader:

is your team leader!

Question 1: Which do you do first: do you rally the coding team to figure out where the project stands or do you continue with your section of the project?

A. Rally the troops
B. Continue with your section

Question 2: The video game company CEO drops by for a status update. You explain that your team is 60% done with the project. But wait! The CEO explains that they’ve decided to make a dramatic change to the game, which means your team will need to make some major changes to their project. How do you respond to the CEO?

A. No way, we can’t do that!
B. The team is already way too busy; we don’t have time for this!
C. You explain that the team is more than willing to do the work, but they will need more time.

Question 3: With the extra time as a cushion, your team gets to work. But there’s a problem – the code isn’t working! What do you do to solve the problem?

A. Debug the program line by line by yourself.
B. Work as a team to go through the entire program line by line.

Question 4: The video game CEO calls with news – they’ve decided to make another change to the game! You explain that your team is more than willing to do the work, but they will need more people. The CEO is understanding and offers to adjust the budget to allow for more workers. You enter into negotiations for the cost of the project. How many people do you want to add to the project?

A. 100 people
B. 5 people
C. 20 people