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H2O APN Configuration


Connect to WiFi. You can then download and install an H2O Config file from the Google Play Store. Just search for "H2O-config". 
Click on the application and you will see more details. 
To Install it click on the "Install" button. Its FREE. 

Alternatively, you can manually configure data by following the steps below.


Select menu
Select Settings
Select Wireless Controls of Wireless & Networks
Select Mobile Networks
Select Access Point Names (APN). Delete current APN if possible
Press the menu button
Select new APN
Select Name and enter "H2O LTE APN" and press OK
Select APN and enter "prodata"
Select Proxy and enter
Select Port and enter "80"
Select MMSC and enter ""
Select MMS Proxy and enter ""
Select MMS Port and enter "80"
Press the menu button
Select "Save"
Make sure the green radio button is directly to the right of "H2O LTE APN"
Reboot phone
Your Internet & MMS are now configured


There are two methods to configure data for iPhone. You can configure with H2O over the air (OTA) or configure using Both methods require you have an active sim in the phone. First - Connect to WiFi. Then follow one of the directions below. 

Connect to H2O Config page here and insert your mobile number in the box. Click on "Get Data Now" to have the data config link sent to your phone. Click on the link and install the data profile. Enjoy

* It will be a very unpleasant experience if you use this method. Most of time, your can't receive the password after pressing the button "Get password", or after waiting for hours, it arrives but expired. After you log in by any chance, it says the download started, but you never receive the profile. It will waste you lots of time, but never achieve success.

Visit from your iPhone connected to wifi
Tap on "Create APN" at the bottom.
Country should be United States
Carrier - Select "H2O Wireless LTE"
Tap "Create APN"
Tap "Install"
Turn of wifi.
Back out to home and check weather or open web browser and go to Yahoo!.
If it works - Life is good! 
If not - Reboot the phone and then try again. 

* This method works greatly, strongly recommend it, you can install the APN profile in seconds. By the way, you have to use Safari to open the link, otherwise Chrome does not show the install option and is stuck at the "create APN" step.


International Dialing is a SNAP: 
With H2O you can Direct Dial 011+ country code +phone number or  if dialing Canada or the Caribbean simply dial  1+ area code + phone number.


For questions about H2O® Wireless products and services : please call H2O at 1-800-643-4926 
H2O® Wireless specialists are available Monday through Friday, 9AM-12AM EST and Saturday & Sunday, 9AM-11PM EST.